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AI-enabled process development

DataHow is at the forefront of applying a new generation of AI technologies transforming how bioprocesses are developed and operated. These new technologies are harnessed within innovative approaches, disrupting established industry procedures and analytical methods while redefining what can be achieved in bioprocess development.

Maximize process outcomes — minimize development effort

DataHow’s new technologies and methods are setting new standards in bioprocessing while making bioprocess development more efficient and effective. Develop processes with higher yields, greater robustness, and better product quality — all while reducing time and cost in process development and freeing up development capacity.

Trusted by 12 of the top 20 Big Pharma

DataHow has worked with most of the industry’s largest players, implementing our technology and innovative model-based development approach. We have analyzed hundreds of industry process data sets and are well-established as the thought leader in hybrid modeling technology for bioprocess systems.

Harness the power of AI with DataHow’s bioprocess development solution

DataHow has pioneered the development of AI-powered bioprocess models and methods and applied them to bioprocess development objectives. DataHowLab is our holistic bioprocess solution that embeds these technologies and methods within a user-friendly, cloud-based environment to help process scientists reach and exceed their process development goals.

Design fewer, better experiments than classical DoE

Maximize bioprocess insight and accelerate development

Leverage past insights across products and scales

Empower development decisions with an AI engine

Develop better processes and safer tech transfers

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Digital readiness: preparing your data ecosystem

Process data analytics and modeling support

Custom development projects

In addition to turnkey solutions, we provide customized services to help organizations adopt the technologies that will transform their bioprocess operations. We are process agnostic and have expertise across all process formats, from mammalian and microbial to emerging cell and gene therapy and mRNA approaches.

Our multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, technologists, and bioprocess experts are ready to help you reach your bioprocess potential.

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Meet with one of our bioprocess development experts for a demo of DataHowLab and see how holistic digital modeling, data analysis, and data management can transform your operation.

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