Transforming bioprocess development

Harness the power of AI in biopharma with a unique digital bioprocess development solution that enables the development of better processes with fewer resources.

DataHowLab is a cloud-native SaaS solution that allows your teams to access its powerful technologies and collaborate on shared developments conveniently.

Develop bioprocesses faster and more effectively

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

Iteratively design fewer, better experiments

Extensive Design of Experiments (DoE) plans with statistical models are out, and AI-enabled learning and experimental design are here. Learn from your data to determine which targeted experiments will maximize learning to reach your objectives. Then, DataHowLab analyzes and designs the next experiments so you can execute them with confidence.

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

Seamless, contextualized process data management

Create a central, contextualized process data foundation for your teams to build insights and make the right data-driven decisions. DataHowLab can connect your existing data historians or hardware devices to create a seamless data flow and insights.

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

Data analysis and visualization suite

Perform diverse analyses and create powerful visualizations within DataHowLab’s curated analytics suite. Perform complex analyses with a few clicks and customize plots to your needs. These plots can be shared on project boards, allowing teams to collaborate on shared developments.

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

Use advanced technologies with confidence

DataHowLab’s embedded workflows and automation help you boost productivity while reducing uncertainty when developing even the most complex processes. You can use the most advanced bioprocess development technologies with confidence.

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

A single development solution for your project’s entire lifecycle

Use a single development platform to build process knowledge from early-stage to late-stage development for a more robust understanding of your process. DataHowLab supports process scientists at each stage of development with the necessary tools and applications to complete their development tasks.

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

Digital twin for simulations and process monitoring

DataHowLab enables you to develop a trusted digital twin of your process. Run in silico process simulations to build knowledge without wet-lab work or perform real-time process forecasting and control when connected to a live bioprocess system. Pharma 4.0 for bioprocessing is here.

How DataHowLab Is Revolutionizing Process Development

Data security and privacy

DataHow is committed to data security and privacy and is continuously audited by independent security specialists. The models provided in our software are empty shells that become unique process models when trained on your data. Your proprietary information is always only accessible to you.
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Training and support to maximize impact

When you license DataHowLab, our teams are here to support you. We provide DataHowLab users with comprehensive training and support from our in-house bioprocess specialists to maximize the impact of our solutions. Additionally, explore our tutorials, custom training, and data science courses.

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